Rachana to try kissing Kabir

Expression of love is one of the toughest things for most but then Kabir (Piyush Sahdev) and Rachana (Mahima Makwana) of Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms) have already won this battle. However, this solo battle does not make them victorious for there are many more battles to conquer in the coming episodes.
As seen so far, both Kabir and Rachana have confessed their love for each other and now Kabir will want Rachana’s family to learn about the same.
A source shares, “Rachana is head over heels in love with Kabir but she does not know if her family will accept her relationship with a man who is a lot more elder to her. Hence, at the moment she will avoid the situation yet seek some romance in her life.”
Being the serious kinds Kabir will be seen engrossed in work as usual and a young Rachana will crave for attention. In fact, after a small chat with her friend on ‘how a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship’ should be the girl will try taking the initiative to kiss Kabir on his lips.
Yes, you heard it right! Rachana will come really close to kissing Kabir but her attempt will fail.
How this romance brews from here is something for the viewers to wait and watch.
When contacted Mahima she said, “Like any other girl Rachana too wants a happy romantic life with Kabir. But, I am not too sure about the kiss sequence for I haven’t shot for it yet.”
Piyush too remained clueless about the kiss scene.

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