Mahadev to make Manasa realize her mistakes

Triangle Film Productions’ Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev on Life OK will come to a point where viewers will hold their breath and watch Manasa (Kratika Sengar) realize her mistakes.
While we saw Manasa force Chandradhar (Tushar Dalvi) and Bheelni/Parvati (Suhasi Dhami) to worship her, the duo refrained and instead prayed to Mahadev (Mohit Raina) so that he could come and explain to Manasa about her misdeeds into forcing people.
The upcoming track will now get interesting as Mahadev will hear Chandradhar’s prayers and will make Manasa realize that the way she is trying to gain followers is wrong, and that a true goddess would never misuse her powers. She will then realize her mistake and it will be then that Mahadev will grant her blessings and wisdom to use her internal power in the right way.
Also, it would be marked that her worshippers would have to use the left hand while performing a puja in her name to gain immense blessings from Goddess Manasa.
We contacted Suhasi Dhami who stated, “I am not allowed to reveal the story but all I can say is that Mahadev always makes his people realize their mistakes if they are wrong, and if they do not understand, he punishes them. Viewers will have to wait and watch whether Manasa will understand the truth or will get punished for causing Bheelni and Chandradhar trouble.”
Added Tushar Dalvi, “The show will get all the more interesting as Mahadev will now make Manasa realize her mistakes. How he would do that is a surprise.”
We tried contacting Kratika Sengar but she remained unavailable for comment

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