I am more interested in the lesser known facts about celebs: Niranjan Iyengar

The renowned lyricist and script writer Niranjan Iyengar, who recently turned producer with Jhalli Anjali on Channel V and also acting in a play, is now all set to shoot off as a host in Zee Café’s chat show Look Who’s Talking (Peanut Butter).
Speaking on this change in career, the young man states, “Initially I was quite apprehensive about taking up the project, but the producers were really keen on having me on board. Usually the media is interested about what the stars are doing in their life. But as a curious individual, I am more interested in the lesser known facts about them. And thus I finally took it up and thankfully it has worked out well.”
“I was clear that it will be close to my personality and I am not aiming to be different or scandalous. The show will be more of a freewheeling chat which I thoroughly enjoyed for a couple of hours. Also since I knew some of them quite intimately it was a fun time. And I personally got to know the ones who I did not know, through the show,” he further shares.
Since a lot is being said about the show being on the lines of Koffee with Karan we get his take on it. “Not at all. It’s not of that genre, and I am not even trying to recreate something of that sorts. Karan (Johar) is a superb host and a master in his job. I did chat with him when I decided to do the show and he was very encouraging. He also gave me some advice and suggestions too,” Niranjan answers with a smile.
Ask him about his favourite guest on the list, the smart guy replies, “Different people in different time. Kajol was my first guest and I know her closely; so I loved having her. I got a chance to get to know Pareeniti (Chopra) through the show and since Karan was brutally honest in the show, I loved having him. There are five more episodes to go, so let’s see who emerges as my ultimate favourite (laughs).
Talking about his show on Channel V Jhalli Anjali, Niranjan informs, “A close friend had the concept and we approached Channel V with it. They agreed on it on a condition that I produce the show. Since I had worked with Rose Movies, I approached them and things worked out wonderfully and the show is also doing really well.”
Now that he is part of a TV show, we wonder if he would have TV actors as guests. “I haven’t interacted much with them and thus I am not really sure on that. We are just building on the brand; let’s see how things work out.”
On the job he finds the easiest and the toughest, the man avers, “Honestly, nothing is easy when we start and when you get comfortable with it I think it just gets easy. I like to do various roles and am really happy in my space. I would love to do more and more and explore everything.”
And finally we ask him to give us three reasons to watch his show. “Firstly it has all the A listers, secondly all of them have spoken their heart out. TV is used to seeing guarded interviews but this one is very different and finally it looks beautiful,” he concludes with a broad smile.
We wish you all the best Niranjan!

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