Anas Rashid excited to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr

Eid is an occasion to meet, greet and rejoice with your loved ones. Our Telly actors hardly get time out of their hectic shooting schedule to meet their family members even on such big occasions. The good looking and popular actor Anas Rashid who is currently seen as Suraj in Shashi Sumeet Mittal’s popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus, is very much excited these days.
Anas is elated as he will be celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr with his family members after a gap of five long years. He is all set to go to his hometown Malerkotla for four days to celebrate Eid with his family members and he is quite excited about it.
TellyBuzz quizzed Anas to know more about his excitement of celebrating Eid with his family and what kind of preparations he is doing from his side.
An elated Anas told us, “I am very much excited and more than me, my family members are excited to welcome me because I am going to my home after a long time of five years on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr, as I have always gone there during Bakri-Eid. My parents have also not been in Mumbai during the occasion of Eid as my schedule in Mumbai is very hectic and I hardly get a day off and we also don’t have any relatives here in Mumbai. I have a big family in my hometown Malerkotla so I always want my parents to be there along with all my family members than being here with me on the occasion of Eid.”
We wondered what Anas is planning to make his Eid celebration with family so special. He shares, “I think my family members have planned something for me. All my relatives and my friends will be coming there. My bua from Pakistan will be there during this Eid. She is very excited to meet me after so long and my younger brother is coming from Saudi Arabia so these are some of the exciting factors for me and going to my home during Eid after a long gap of 5 years, is the most exciting factor for me. I have lots of friends in my hometown so it’s difficult for me to go to everybody’s place so I have kept an Eid Milan for all my friends at my home and I have invited all my friends there. They all will come to meet me.”
We do get gifts for our loved ones whenever we visit at our loved ones house and so is Anas. We asked Anas about how he is managing time to shop for gifts for his loved ones. He told us, “I am hardly getting time to go for shopping in the malls so most of the times, I am shopping online and I get the things delivered at my home. I have got a Pathani suit designed for myself and I have got lots of gifts for the kids of my family aur iske bina meri ghar mein entry nahi hai (laughs). They ask me for gifts with full rights as their Eidi. They are never satisfied with money; they want some gifts. They are eagerly waiting for it.”
“Getting an unexpected Eidi from someone is very much exciting which we get from our relatives. Its important to have a surprising factor while you get Eidi from someone,” shares Anas when we asked him about the Eidi he is expecting to get from his elders.
So, what about his plans to treat his friends in Mumbai? Anas replied, “I am not able to plan anything much in Mumbai because it becomes difficult for me while I am busy with my daily shoots. All my Muslim friends who are in Mumbai, have their family here. I celebrate Eid on my sets and I distribute sweets to everyone.”
Getting an off for an actor is not an easy deal and the same happened with Anas. When asked Anas whether getting a leave for Eid was difficult for him, he said, “I myself think too much before taking a leave. These days, we have too much cut to cut scenes to be shot. So, the production people asked me to go and comeback from home as soon as possible. I am trying to finish as much work as I can before I go to my home so that I can stay there for more time.”
“Eid is a symbol of brotherhood, peace and integrity. After observing a Roza of a month, when Eid comes, then it gives us a message that Eid stands for peace and brotherhood and we should maintain brotherhood, peace and integrity always,” concludes Anas giving message to his fans.
Have a great time with your family, Anas!

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