Shastri sisters excited about their roles

Neha Pednekar aka Alka Shastri, who is all set to play the eldest daughter in Shastri Sisters, an upcoming show on Colors, says, “My boyfriend played a huge role in convincing me to take up this show.”
About living the life of Alka on small screen, she elaborates, “Unlike Alka, I am more practical. It took me a while to understand her better. I’ve always wanted to become an actor and loved watching movies. I would enact scenes in front of the mirror and copy heroines’ hairstyles.”

At the other end of the spectrum is Peeya Shastri, the youngest but tallest of the four sisters. An introvert, she is the darling of the house.

Says Pragati Chourasiya, who plays the role, “My ambition was to be a doctor, since I come from a family of medical practitioners. But life had other plans for me. I have been acting since I was four years old.”

She describes her character as, “…not exactly different or similar. I’m the apple of everyone’s eyes even in real life, but I’m not shy or scared like Peeya.”

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