Veera speak about the qualities she wants in her future husband

We all have something in mind when it comes to our prospective spouses, right? Our chirpy Veera says that marriage is the last thing on her mind right now. But all it took was a little prodding to get Veera speak about the qualities she wants in her husband.

Decent looks but a kind heart
Obviously, I don’t have a Prince Charming in mind when it comes to my future husband. I prefer a decent looking but kind-hearted person. I want someone who is understanding and compassionate, just like my Veerji.

A man of morals
Veera strongly feels about this quality. “I don’t know about others but I believe a man needs to have strong moral ethics”, she says forcing a smile. We guess it’s Veera’s past experience speaking here.

A good listener
Veera grins as she says her future husband has to be a good listener, “As you all know, I am a talkative person. I want my partner to listen to me while I do all the talking. Jokes apart, it’s important to be heard in a relationship. Having said that, even I will try to be a good listener, no matter how difficult it will be for me.”

Knows the goal of his life
Frankly, I don’t like confused people. A man should know the goal of his life, only then is he worth marrying, right? Is this an indication towards someone we all know? But obviously, we won’t take names.

A husband-cum-friend
Veera says shyly, “I want my husband to be my best friend. I want to share such an equation with him that is beyond the normal pati – patni relationship. In short, he has to be a husband-cum-friend.”

Do you think Veera will meet her prospective husband any time soon?

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