Acting is in my genes, thanks to my mom: Mahima Makwana

Mahima Makwana in a quick chat with AT. She may have started off with a small role in Sawaare Sabke Sapne…Preeto. But 14-year old Mahima Makwana has now become a household name with her playing Rachana in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. Studying in Class X, she is unable to believe “it has been two long years on this show.” Excerpts:

Role Reality
It was very tough initially for me to portray this character. Being a 13-year old, it was difficult to play a 18-year old. Not just that, Rachana’s character is that of a small town girl but I am an urban girl. I had to work very hard to get the scenes right.

Mom’s the world
I think acting is in my genes, thanks to my mom. She dreamt of becoming an actor. But due to family restrictions, she could never become one. I decided to fulfill my mom’s dream. When I bagged the role, she was in tears. Not only that, even my friends in school are proud of me.

Studies first
Though acting is my passion, I have always put studies as my priority. My parents don’t want me to compromise on studies. This year would be particularly difficult for me as I will take my board examinations, but I will study hard and manage it. Although I enjoy shooting, sometimes I also miss going to school.

The real Me
Many people tell me that I don’t sound like a 14-year old girl and that I’m too matured for my age. I am fond of dancing, singing and reading books. I have not taken any professional training in dance, but I pick up steps quickly. I participated a lot in dance competitions in school and was popular for that. When I am not shooting, I go to school, watch movies, go for long drives and have coffee with my friends.

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