KRK to enter Madhu’s life

KRK, the look-alike of the Superstar RK (Vivian Dsena) failed to capitalize on his plan the last time, when Madhu (Drashti Dhami) saved her husband by identifying the tattoo on his body in dramatic style in Nautanki Telefilms’ Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon on Colors. But it looks like KRK will have the last laugh, as he finally manages to take RK’s place in his house and in Madhu’s life.

Yes, there is a major twist awaiting the audience during RK’s birthday party. As we know, Madhu has put up the theme of ‘Bachca Party’ for the birthday of RK. And so she dresses RK in a school uniform in typical ‘bacha’ style. But Madhu is completely unaware of the fact that KRK too will get ready in the same outfit as that of RK.

A source from the set of Madhubala tells us that Madhu will organize a magic act by a popular magician at the birthday party. As and when all present will enjoy the magician’s acts, the magician will come up with an act of RK’s disappearance. RK will be asked to get inside a cupboard and on opening it, he would have vanished. Everyone will be excited to see RK at the different place, thus will enjoy the magic to the core.

However, the twist in the tale will be that through this magic act, KRK will take RK’s place without anyone’s knowledge. Thus RK will be taken off by Bhujang and his men in an unconscious state, only to be seen by police later who would arrest RK thinking that he is the duplicate. With the real RK in jail, KRK will easily take RK’s place in his house.

Will Madhu get a sniff of this on time? Can she save RK who is now put to jail?

We tried calling Vivian, but he remained unavailable for comments.

Get ready to see this major twist in Madhubala this week.

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