Dadi challenges Kurt Angle

Indian Television’s most adored superhero ‘Baalveer’ is all set to face the biggest challenge in his life.

The super hero, who has captured the hearts of millions of kids across India, is now gearing up to battle it out in the wrestling ring with none other than the super wrestler ‘Kurt Angle’. The two super heroes who are famous and well accepted by the audience in their specific genre’s will face-off each other in a special episode of ‘Baalveer’.

In turn of events, Dadaji accidently drinks a power tonic and is confident to face Kurt Angle. He ends up signing an agreement for a wrestling match with the International wrestler. But, soon he realizes that the power of the tonic is for limited period and ends up being thrown out of the wrestling wring. That’s when Baalveer faces Kurt Angle for a wrestling match.

Speaking about the track, Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head, SAB TV says, “Baalveer is India’s no. one kids show and hugely popular amongst the kids. On the other hand, Kurt Angle is popular amongst kids particularly in India. We wanted to offer our young viewers the best of both the worlds and what better way than a face-off between two of their favourite Super Dev Joshi, who portrays the character of Baal Veer said, “Portraying the character of a

Superhero it gives me immense courage and excitement to face Kurt Angle. I have seen his fights and I am quite fascinated with his fighting style and I am a huge fan of him. All the kids will be excited to watch this face off. I hope, I do not discourage my fans and I am eagerly waiting It will be an interesting and an entertaining combat, where the skills and powers of two superheroes will clatter.Who will win the battle …watch Baalveer to know what happens next.

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