Vin Rana’s Russian friend amused to see Mahabharat sets

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s epic Mahabharat on Star Plus is not only receiving rave reviews in India but is also acclaimed overseas.

Recently, actor Vin Rana’s (Nakul) friend graced the sets of Mahabharat. Interestingly, his friend hails from Russia and had came down to India with her kid as she wanted to experience being on the sets.

Talking about same, Vin shares,”I met this friend in Thailand few years back. She is a photographer and hails from Russia. When she came to know that I am playing Nakul in Mahabharat she was keen on seeing how the show is made and how it works. Thus, she flew down with her daughter.”

” Therefore, I took her on the sets and she got amazed after experiencing the atmosphere. She also complimented my look and asked if I got the role because I am the most handsome looking man in the cast (smiles)! I was surprised because Nakul is apparently the most handsome amongst the Pandava’s so that way the casting has been done correctly.”

Vin also adds, “She has never seen something like that in her life and she has promised to come back again in December.”

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