Sachin mania on ‘Chidiya Ghar’

The India-West Indies test match had children and men glued to their television sets, while the women prayed their heart out for the ‘God of Cricket’ to score big in his last game.

Ghotak ( Paresh Ganatra) and Gomukh ( Sumit Arora) from Chidiya Ghar are no different. Sources from the set said that whenever Paresh and Sumit got time in between shots, they would watch the match. Paresh said, “Cricket is like a religion in India. When you know that the God of Cricket is playing his farewell test match, all you can think about is to watch and support him. It was a delight to watch him play.”

Sumit added, “It’s hard to believe that it was the Master Blaster’s last test match. It was exciting to watch the match on the set, because everyone was charged up. It created a stadium-like environment and such moments always lift up my spirits.”

The upcoming track highlights the joy and chaos in the family, following the arrival of an LCD TV, as every member wants to watch his/her favorite shows.

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