One should never react to rumors when they are not true

With the growing popularity, our Telly celebs have to come across many rumors. This column focuses on the celebs who have heard some of the craziest rumors against themselves and their reaction on the rumors. This week we got in touch with actor Arjun Bijlani who is currently seen as Aditya in SAB TV’s Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar.

Here is Arjun sharing his reaction towards the craziest rumor he has heard about himself.

Arjun shares, “I have heard many rumors about myself like link up with my co-stars, I am coming in Big Boss and one was like I am married when I was not. One should never react to such rumors when they aren’t true. My friends and family also didn’t react because they know everything about me.”

When asked Arjun as what will he do to the person who is spreading such rumors against him, he told us, “I wouldn’t speak to that person only. If that person has spread such rumors against me then he/she is definitely not my well-wisher. So, it’s better to avoid talking to such a person.”

He further added, “One should not give clarification to any rumors until and unless it’s not harming to your self-esteem or self-respect.”

When asked Arjun about his reaction when he look back to these rumors, he said, “Such kind of rumors doesn’t matter to me.”

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