Sia’s life takes a new turn

Sia’s dream of having a perfect wedding and living happily ever after with Dev gets shattered after the groom-to-be runs away from the mandap. In order to save their family’s honour, Sia and Samar get married. She is still struggling to find love and solace in her husband’s house and come to terms with reality, but Samar decides to break free from the marriage leaving her even more distressed.

Samar and Sia go for the pag-phera ceremony to the latter’s maayka. Samar excuses himself to attend some important work and return by lunch time, but he never comes back. Sia has to return to her sasural before 6 pm as instructed by her mother-in-law, Naulakha Devi. Sia finally decides to go back with her brother Prabhat. Bound by tradition, Naulakha refuses to welcome her inside the house without her husband as she has broken the ritual. She asks Sia to stand outside till Samar returns as the ceremony cannot happen without him.

When the word reaches Deenbandhu, Sia’s father, he is heartbroken to know that her daughter is made to stand outside the house and reaches Sia’s sasural. Sia and Naulakha are shocked to see him there. Will he take his daughter Sia home and end the marriage?

Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai airs from Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Sahara One.

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