Roopal Tyagi assaulted by some men

Call it an uncanny coincidence. Roopal Tyagi, who plays a victim of eve-teasing on the screen, recently faced a similar situation in real life.
The actress, who is shown taking a stand against eve-teasing in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, was harassed by a few men, while on her way to the shoot. But unlike her character on screen, the incident left Roopal so shaken that she couldn’t react.

She recalls, “I was on my way to the set in Naigaon. On the highway, about 2 km away from the sets, I asked my driver to get me some candies and fruits from a shop. When my driver crossed the road, a few men barged into the car and pulled out the keys. I didn’t notice them initially as I was applying makeup, which I usually do on my way to the shoot. I panicked and asked them what they wanted. They asked me why I had stopped the car there.”

When the miscreants saw the driver approaching, they marched towards him and started slapping and hitting him. “I was petrified beyond words and kept shouting at them. I pleaded with them to let go of us. Nobody came to our rescue and I didn’t know what to do,” says she. Roopal has now vowed not to stop the car on that stretch. “This shouldn’t happen to anybody. I was shivering. It was too scary a situation,” she concludes.

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