Thrill zone column with Rohitashv Gaur

This week we have Rohitashv Gaur with us, who plays Mukundi on SAB TV’s Laptaganj Ek Baar Phir, who shares his adventurous experiences on our Thrill zone column.

What is adventure according to you?

The eagerness to know more about something and to try out is an adventure for me.

Share your most adventurous day.

I remember when I was in my class 10th, my father used to work for Mohan Meakins Brewery. He got transferred to Kasauli, so from Garkhal I have walked up to Kasauli. That was one of the most adventurous days of my life. I have walked through the hilly mountains facing a lot of hurdles on my way and also I have encountered all kinds of animals while reaching the mountainous region.

Your favorite adventure?

River Rafting.

One thrilling adventure on your wishlist?

Bunjee jumping.

Who would you want to take for a thrilling activity from the industry?

Karan V Grover as he is the one who encourages and motivates me. We had decided that both of us will go together someday.

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