Shruti playing as new Rani Pari in Baal Veer

‘Baal Veer’ is all set to have a new Rani Pari in Shruti Seth. The show’s original fairy queen, played by Karishma Tanna, was frozen on screen some time ago. Says Shruti, “I’m the new Rani Pari. I don’t know if Karishma’s character will come back. Though I have played a fairy in my previous show Shararat, this role is a bit different. Here, I will have better control over my magic.”

But there’s one big hurdle that Shruti has to cross. “The language is giving me a tough time. Rani Pari speaks in chaste Hindi. I keep requesting my co-actors and the crew to give me time and they have been immensely supportive,” says she.

It’s always a daunting task to establish a character, which has already been played by another actor. But Shruti is positive. “I have immense faith in children, who are my loyal audience. If kids are on your side, you will never have to worry about TRPs. They make for the most loyal audience,” she says.

And does she believe in fairies? “I believe there is someone who keeps pulling off magic tricks all the time. During my schooldays, every Sunday, while packing my bag, one book would mysteriously go missing. I would turn the whole house upside down looking for it. Finally, I would start crying, promising to be more organised in the future. And the book would magically appear in front of me the moment I opened my eyes.”

Baal Veer airs Monday to Friday at 8 pm on SAB TV.

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