My dream guy should be from the television industry – Esha Kansara

The petite and gorgeous actress Esha Kansara, who is presently seen playing the main lead in Star Plus popular show Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi…Meri Bhabhi, spills the beans about her relationship status. The actress is very much single and therefore she is on the hot seat this week.

In conversation with the actress on our ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ column, the eligible bachelorette has something interesting to share with us…

Being single, are you ready to mingle?
Of course I am single but right now there is no possibility to mingle. I spend most of my time shooting on the sets and unfortunately all the guys around me are already married. Moreover, I don’t have time to invest in a love relationship since I’m too busy to foster my show. However, I come across a nice guy, I don’t mind mingling up.

What is the first thing you notice in a guy?
Whenever a good looking guy passes besides me, the first thing I notice in him is the dressing style and fragrance. For me, it becomes easy to judge a personality by his/her choice of cologne.

What’s the one thing that puts you off the most in a guy?
A thing that puts me off in a guy is the body odor and disastrous fashion sense.

How do you want your dream guy to be like?
Well, I want my dream guy to be very presentable and chilled out. He should be just like me, who loves to party hard. Most importantly, when she opens his mouth, she should be able to speak good English. In addition to this, he should be very understanding and compatible in every way. In fact, I want my dream guy to be from the television industry itself because I don’t think anybody else will able to understand an actor’s life, its pros and cons.

Your idea of a perfect proposal.
I don’t really admire very cheesy proposals, whereby the guy goes down on his knees or surprises with a ring in a glass. Instead, I would be rather appreciating an unexpected email or a message through a friend. Since I’m very passionate about dancing, I would be glad if a guy asks me for a dance and then disclose his feelings for me.

If you could mix a Hollywood actor and a Bollywood actor to create your dream guy, then who would you choose?
If I could really do that then, I would prefer Ranbir Kapoor from Bollywood because he is very cute, yet witty and flirty. And from Hollywood, I would choose Johnny Depp because of his rough looks, as I’ve seen him in ‘The Pirates of Caribbean’.

Being a bachelor, how does it feel?
Being a bachelorette feels awesome. I am pretty happy with my life right now as I don’t have to bother and care about anybody else’s life. I have no commitments and no compulsions.

If there was matrimony or a dating ad for you, what would it read like?
I simply don’t believe in arrange marriages, so I would publicize myself to get married to just any other unknown person. However, I desire to go on a typical blind date, which your parents usually arrange and get an experience of it. (Laughs)

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