MJ5: We want to open a dance academy

Delhi-based dance group ‘MJ5?, that idolizes Michael Jackson, as is quite evident from the group’s name, won India’s Dancing Superstar and got a cash prize of 50 lakh. The members of the group say that this win has given them the right platform to showcase their talent. R Kartik from the group spoke to us after the win and told us about how it was the rivalry between the members of the group during college fests that brought them together. Excerpts:

Earlier, we had 260 likes on our Fb page, now it’s 2 lakh likes!
The feeling has not yet sunk in. When the results were announced, we were too stunned to say anything. In fact, it was our parents who were thrilled and were doing the moonwalk on stage and were dancing around. We have become quite popular now. Earlier, there were only 260 likes on our Facebook page, but after people saw us on the show, we have got almost 2 lakh likes, and female attention too.

Delhi brought us together
Shraey (another member of the group) and I were dance rivals. We would compete at various Delhi University college fests, and sometimes he would win and sometimes, I would. So, two-and-a-half-years back, we decided to end our rivalry and come together to form a group. The other three (Himanshu, Vishnu and Rohit) were our first students and that is how we came together. In fact, the five of us hail from different parts of India – one is from UP, I am a South Indian, Shraey is Punjabi, one of us is from Nepal – so full credit to Delhi for helping us come together.

Humein kaha gaya tha ki tumhara kuchnahi ho saktahaiiss show par
When we told our parents that we want to participate in the show, humein kaha gaya tha ki tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta hai iss show par, but after we started performing in the show and did well, they also started supporting us. In fact, they went to Delhi University to seek votes for us.

We had to try variations of the moonwalk for every performance
The judges (Ashley Lobo, Geeta Kapur and Riteish Deshmukh) were quite supportive. But it was a challenge for us since we always had to try and bring variations to the moonwalk during our performances. But thankfully, we managed to do that and never landed up in the danger zone.

We’d love to choreograph for films
We plan to open a MJ5 dance academy so that we can teach poor kids who want to dance. Also, we plan to undertake tours to various cities and perform. We would love to choreograph for Bollywood movies, if we get a chance.

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