Family top most priority for TV heroes

While telly bahus grab max airtime being tearjerking queens, the male protagonist stands quietly, being the sort of support, that’s the stuff of tinsel fantasy. Oh, technically the immensely droolworthy dudes do hold impressive offices, but that’s strictly on paper. Mundane matters like heading to work and looking after their flourishing business don’t really figure in their scheme of things. For the soapbox heroes family comes first, even if it means, hanging around at home, coffee mugs in hand, as they try to resolve domestic affairs.

Bolly superstar@home Heroism quotient: Superstar RK (Vivian D’sena) from Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon sure has a very charmed life. Instead of attending script-narrations, going on promotional trips or shooting, he spends most of his energy sharing intense eye-locks with his hairstylist wife or spewing verbal venom on his newly acquired step sibling Sultan. If only other B-Town superstars could live his life!

Building fantasies Heroism quotient: Asad ( Karan Singh Grover) is an architect in Qubool Hai. Really! Of course, in the last few months, he’s been too busy getting seduced by the vamp (Amrapali Gupta), going shirtless to show off his fab abs, chasing the heroine to Ajmer and crying quietly in a corner lamenting the loss of his love. There’s really no time to draw plans and design homes!

Cook na kaho, family comes first! Heroism quotient: Pushkar’s ‘sweet’ guy Sooraj Rathi ( Anas Rashid) in Diya Aur Baati Hum may not have held a ladle for some time (he ventured into a kitchen when he won a cookery competition a year ago), but his life revolves around buying books and helping wife Sandhya prepare for the civil services entrance exams and soothing shrewish ma’s temper tantrums, when does he take time out to earn a living?

Paperless bureaucrat Heroism quotient: Shiv’s ( Siddharth Shukla) entry in Balika Vadhu a year ago as the ‘Collector Sahab’ of a remote district of Rajasthan, was the last time one saw him doing some real work. But ever since he got married to the former sarpanch Anandi, the poor guy’s up to his eyes resolving domestic matters and ensuring his new wifey is settled in her home. Matters of the state, can, wait until things fall in place at home.

Whose business is it anyway? Heroism quotient: Naitik ( Karan Mehra) is supposedly the biz whiz in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai who’s changed the face of his family business with his ‘progressive’ ways. After coming out of a five-year long coma, when he’s not teaching football to his son or romancing his wife, Naitik does attend the odd board meetings, which are inevitably interrupted by some family emergency or the other.

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