Bhabho allows Sandhya to peruse her studies

Recent episodes of Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum have been dynamic with interesting twists and turns happening in almost every characters life. After the big revelation about Sandhya ( Deepika Singh) attending night college, the show gears up for yet another high point.

Viewers have already seen that Bhabho ( Neelu Waghela) is very hurt after learning about Sooraj ( Anas Rashid)-Sandhya’s plan. She is in no mood to forgive them.

Sources inform that now in the upcoming episode Bhabho will get to know that Sandhya wants to become an IPS Officer. She will agree and give the nod to Sandhya to pursue her studies but this will not be easy for Sandhya as Bhabho has a plan in mind. Bhabho will put a condition before Sandhya. She asks Sandhya to promise her that she will make no more mistakes in the house. To begin with, Sandhya will be allowed to commit three mistakes but post that Bhabho will not tolerate anymore mistakes from her. If Sandhya continues with her mistakes, she will have to leave her studies and perform all the household chores like any other normal housewife.

Will Sandhya agree to this condition and will she be able to stand true on her promise?

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