Delnaaz can win Bigg Boss: Sidhu

Colors big ticket show Bigg Boss season 6 has already witnessed the colorful nature of all the contestants present in the house. And there is no doubt that out of them the most cool and humble contestant is certainly Delnaaz Irani.

Last week cricketer politician Sidhu came out of the house for shouldering his political responsibilities. Sidhu who was a father figure for most of the house mates in the Bigg Boss house is quite confident about Delnaaz’s win, he says,”Delnaaz has the potential to win the Big Boss title. She has a very clean soul and never criticizes others. She has a very caring attitude towards other people in the house. And as time goes by she will be more loving towards the other in mates and this quality of her can help her to win the title.”

Both Sidhu and Delnaaz shared a very warm relationship inside the house and even discussed Rajev Paul.

Well, with this it seems Delnaaz already has one vote in her kitty!

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