Shweta Tiwari plans a party to celebrate divorce

Shweta Tiwari and Raja Chaudhary are legally divorced. The separation came through yesterday afternoon at Bandra Court. The actress, who had filed for divorce five years ago, told TOI, “I am throwing a party at Hotel Sea Princess on Thursday.”

With the divorce, Raja has got a flat in Dheeraj Apartments, which he had been demanding from Shweta. The actress said Raja had, in Court, on Wednesday, told her, “If I get a flat from you, I won’t insist on meeting our daughter Palak.”

According to Shweta, her new lawyer Kalpana Ashar made all the difference. “I fought for my freedom for five years in Court. I changed my lawyer. Thanks to Kalpana, I got my divorce in two hearings. She took the trouble of personally speaking to Raja on more than one occasion. Better sense prevailed, and we have now gone separate ways,” said Shweta.

There wasn’t much conversation between her and Raja during the last hearing except for her conceding to his request. “He requested clicking a photograph with him when we walked out of Court and I complied. He said he wanted one last picture of me with him,” Shweta said.

When filing for divorce, Shweta had alleged Raja used to come home drunk, and beat her up. In an interview with TOI on May 10, 2010, she had made some startling revelations. She had said Raja had undergone treatment for alcoholism at Maseena Hospital a few years ago.

Happy to be free at last, Shweta sighed, “All’s well that ends well.” Is she contemplating marriage with her boyfriend, Jaane Kya Baat Hai co-star Abhinav Kohli? “A big burden has been taken off my head. Let me enjoy being light for some time. But yes, I will probably marry again,” she said.

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