Bigg Boss 6: Salman Khan chose common man Khasif Qureshi

Bigg Boss season 6 is back with a bang and many new twist and turns. The show promises to be parivarik this year and in order to live upto the mantra of the show they have roped in many bahu’s and non controversial people. For the first time Bigg Boss also has a common man in the house – Khasif Qureshi.

Khasif Qureshi from Hyderabad was selected by no one else but Salman Khan himself! The 35 year old is a martial artist, psychological counselor by profession and an avid spiritualist.

He won over Salman Khan by his wit, charm and instant responses. When Salman Khan asked him as to why he should be selected, Khasif said – “Salman sir aap jis par bhi haat rakh te ho woh pathar bhi heera ban jaata hai, toh aap mere sar pe bhi yeh haat rakh do”! ‘Bhai’ was floored by his enthusiasm and told the audience to shout it out for the winner amongst the three contenders! Khasif got the best response from the on ground audience as well as they cheered his name out the loudest without doubt! Well, this is the best platform for this talented young man to be a star in the country.

When asked about rubbing shoulders with 14 other celebrities and being under surveillance 24*7, Khasif said, “I’m a common man, I’ve nothing to hide and the whole idea of exposing myself on national television doesn’t scare me at all as I’ve nothing to hide unlike the other celebrities. According to me, nobody in the Bigg Boss house is a celebrity but a puppet of reality under the Bigg Boss eye.” This man is ready to set ablaze the country as the millions of followers can relate to him in the Bigg Boss house.

It’s time to see will this man survive amongst the all the madness, screaming and plotting for the next 98 days?

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