Rupali Ganguly excited about her first accident

Rupali Ganguly who plays a mother of three kids in Deeya Singh & Tony Singh’s Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi on SONY Entertainment Televson, recently had an accident.

The actress, who plays Pinky on the show, was driving to the sets when the car in front of her skidded and caused an accident. Rupali shrugs off the experience with a laugh and says, “It was raining on the 27th of August as I was traveling from Worli to Lower Parel and when I reached Santacruz, the bridge was slippery. Some guy in front of me skidded and luckily I applied my breaks. It was a 6 car pile up with my car being the sixth. The front of my Honda is badly damaged. But since this is my first accident, I was very excited”.

But the actor adds on a precautionary note, “My only advice to everyone is please wear your seat belt because this is India, not America”.

The actress who is also suffering from a cervical problem refused to take the day off and went to sets in a rickshaw. “My producers were really sweet and offered to help me and even asked me to rest but I just love my work so much, that I wanted to continue shooting. Today is my day off so I’m finally relaxing because I took it lightly until my doctor told me I could have been seriously injured”.

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