Ankita Lokhande: Am not insecure about Sushant

Ankita Lokhande became a household name with her docile avatar in Pavitra Rishta, but this bindaas girl from Indore doesn’t believe in mincing words. In a candid chat with TOI, she talks about life, love and how she is frustrated playing an older character on TV…

How close are you to your character Archana? You seem to be like chalk and cheese…
Yes, I am very bindaas, not like Archana at all. I am bubbly, never sad. But on TV, I am paid to cry!

Aren’t you tired playing the sweet, timid woman?
Sometimes, yes. But then, it’s a commitment. When the show was taking a leap, we had a meeting with Ekta (Kapoor) and I was asked what I wanted to do. My co-star and boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput had left the show by then, but I agreed to continue.

Do you miss him on the show?
Yes, I do. I feel very lonely since he is not there. We have shot together in every corner of the studio for two-and-a-half years. I get nostalgic when I watch our old scenes. Memories come back. But I want him to prosper in life and do well professionally.

There are strong rumours about your marriage. You are living in with Sushant Singh Rajput…
I am tired of talking about our relationship. We are not married, nor do we live together. My two brothers and uncle live with me. But yes, I do want to get married soon and I would love to be Mrs Sushant Singh Rajput. We love each other. Our marriage will be a grand occasion. Mine is a huge family and they want to see me as a bride. Why would I hide my marriage?

Do you guys have to work hard to keep your relationship going, considering your work schedule?
We are going strong till now and we don’t have to work hard or put in extra efforts. Hum jaise hain, waise hain.

Heard you are the dominating sort…
I am not. If I am wrong, I listen to Sushant and if he is wrong, he listens to me. There is no ego clash in our relationship.

Do you feel insecure about Sushant now that he has moved on to doing movies?
No, I don’t. He takes me everywhere with him…to parties, launches, screenings. He is not like others. Everybody knows that I am his girlfriend, so there is no need to distrust him. I too want to move on, do movies. But right now, I can’t leave the show.

Don’t you want to play your age on the show?
Yes, of course, I want to look and feel young. Ekta has told me I’ll get to play a lead in another show where I’ll play my age. It is a verbal promise and I can’t ask her to give it to me in writing. Even if I leave Pavitra Rishta, she won’t lose anything. And I don’t want to leave the show. Why spoil relations with her?

Your bindaas attitude is viewed by some as arrogance…
I am outspoken, but a clean-hearted person. In the process, I ruffle feathers. I was like that even before I became an actor.

What about the tantrums that you have reportedly been throwing about your clothes?
If being particular about styling and what will look good on me is throwing tantrums, then yes, I am a tantrum queen.

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