Baal Veer to go on air from 8th Oct. 2012

SAB TV’s new show ‘Baal Veer’ has been hogging the limelight for quite some time now as it marks the comeback of Shama Sikander and Karishma Tanna to the fiction genre.

After exclusively reporting about the show and the comeback of the actresses, TOI now brings to you the news of the latest entrants on the show. Actress Aditi Sajwan, Charu Asopa and Sharmili Raj have also been roped into play important roles on the show.

Sources inform that ‘Baal Veer’ which revolves around a kid with super powers has six fairies including Shama and Karishma. And now we hear that the roles of other fairies will be played by Aditi, Charu and Sharmili. They all will posses distinctive super powers from each other.

When contacted, Charu said, “Yes, I am doing the show and the role I will be playing is very different. I am very happy to be a part of Baal Veer.”

Baal Veer is all about a little boy, who hails from a supernatural world, and has super powers to fight against the evil of this world.

This abandoned baby is adopted by angels who take him to fairyland, Pari lok, and brought up by angels, no less! Pari Lok has its own quirky ensemble, with fairies who redefine what you always imagined fairyland to be. There’s Atakti Pari who fumbles while speaking, there’s Bhatakti Pari who is directionally challenged and keeps losing her way, Baal Pari who has hair longer than she can manage, amongst other peculiar fairies to provide endless mirth, and then the six fairies who nurture Baalveer.

Little Baal Veer, as he’s named, absorbs the powers of the six angels in Pari Lok who bring him up – Aarpaar pari,Gaal Pari,Baal pari, Natkhat Pari Vijdhaar pari, Atakti pari, Bhatakti pari, all of whom defer to Rani Pari, the fairy who wields the combined powers of all the fairies in Pari Lok. And when circumstances pave his way down to mortal earth for a good cause, he becomes a godsent superhero for Manav and Meher, two kids living in Mumbai, oppressed by their bullying classmate Montu.

The show will go on air from 8 October 2012 at 8 pm.

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