Ashish Kapoor & Priyal Gor splits soon as DEK ends

Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor who were ‘dating’ during the making of the show Dekha Ek Khwaab (now off-air) announced their breakup as soon as the show came to an end.

It’s strange because during the making of the show, both were inseparable on the sets and sources said that the couple was head over heels in love with each other. The two were also said to be very serious about their relationship and were planning on getting married at some point in the future. “We will definitely tie the knot, but currently we want to focus on our careers,” Priyal had said. In the midst of fun and masti, Ashish once told a unit member while holding Priyal’s hand that he is eloping with Priyal! “Main isko bhagakar le jaata hoon.” And Priyal was seen giggling non-stop.

But today things are different. Both of them plead profusely to not to touch upon their personal lives. “I don’t want to discuss my personal life…please try and understand,” says Ashish. Ditto with Priyal. While Ashish has got busy with his new show, Priyal is chilling out. “I am still not out of the character. Let people forget my character from Dekha Ek Khwaab and only then I can get into the new one,” laughs Priyal.

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