Karan and I couldn’t take care of our relationship: Kritika Kamra

Kritika Kamra on her personal life and more, in a chat with Seema Sinha

What went wrong between Karan Kundra and you?
There is no definite reason for my split with Karan. There was no fight. Both of us got very busy with our new shows and this took a toll on our relationship. It is really sad that we couldn’t take care of our relationship. There was an emotional attachment, we were together 24/7, but he never proposed to me and I am glad he didn’t. We never planned life, getting married in five years or anything of that sort. There were no talks of a breakup either. It was never like… ‘Oh, it is over’. Today, we still have a comfort level and we can talk about anything. If there is anything new we do, any advice one of us needs, we call each other first.

There were rumours of the two of you wanting to do a dance reality show as a couple despite the breakup…
News reports accused us of being part of a show for money and fame! Why would I fake a relationship? If so, why would I break up in the first place? I turned the show down the first time they called me. They asked me my relationship status and that’s when I told them it is not happening.

You seem to have gained weight in recent times… you are looking much older in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge?
My weight tends to fluctuate… that’s because of the erratic work hours.

Why did Mohnish Behl leave the show?
There were rumours of him not wanting to do some intimate scenes… We were told that it was because of some health issues. I don’t want to comment any further, I don’t know what was discussed internally. He was perfect for the role of Dr Ashutosh, no doubt, but Sharad is also good. Yes, when watching a show from the start, the audience tend to get attached to certain characters. But this is television, you have to replace and move on, nothing can stop the show. Nobody is indispensable.

Is Bollywood on your mind?
There have been a few offers that were tempting but I couldn’t take up because I am committed to this show. No project will wait for me for months because I can’t give them a definite time frame. In the future, I would like to take a break once this show gets over, work on my lifestyle, groom myself, get introduced to acting schools, perhaps take an acting course in the US.

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