How can Raja demand alimony from me: Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari, best known for her role in Kasautii Zindagi Kay and currently seen in Parvarish, prefers to keep a low-profile.

That’s because her personal life has constantly been under scrutiny, with her turbulent marriage to Raja Chaudhary and separation being in the news. Here, she talks about work, life with boyfriend actor Abhinav Kohli and more…

There were rumours of you marrying Abhinav Kohli…
Why would there be ‘rumours’ of marriage? If I am openly saying I am dating Abhinav, why would I hide my marriage. Who would I fear? In that case, I would have hidden my relationship, na?

How is it going with him?
We are together most of the time. He drops in on my set and sometimes I visit him during his shoot.

When do you hope to tie the knot?

Not so soon. My divorce has not come through yet. Raja is troubling me for the house. Even if I decide to give him one of the two houses I own… this profession is very unpredictable. I have a daughter to look after. What if I am not working tomorrow? How do I give her a good education, a good future? I need an asset. It is not easy to buy property in Mumbai. And he has not done anything for her. His ancestors also have property, but he doesn’t give his daughter anything, not even chocolates. Why can’t he do some work? He is not an old man. Why is he demanding alimony from me? I heard that he wanted his daughter. He says these things only to appear in media reports. Come to my house and say that you want your daughter… but he isn’t doing that. Just raving and ranting in front of the camera doesn’t help, take some action. Bakwaas karta hai…

So, obviously, the relationship with Raja is not a cordial one?
No, we are not in touch with each other. Whenever he comes (at around 2.30-3 am, he is in a drunken state. He screams, shouts, does a lot of drama while standing near the society gate. How can I let him meet my daughter in this condition? She gets scared. Come during the day, sit and chat with her, take her out. But he is completely sloshed, he can’t even speak properly. I have stopped reacting. In 2008, looking at his condition, the court had ordered that he can’t meet Palak at all. But in spite of that, I let him talk to her. And if he wants to come home and meet her, he can do so in a decent manner. Let him do all the bakwaas. Some newspapers published that Shweta Tiwari is not letting him meet his daughter…I don’t care what they say, my daughter’s safety, mental state and health are my primary concerns.

How does your daughter react?
She doesn’t say much, she is too young to react.

Does she gel with Abhinav?
She is very happy being with him.

You seem to be in a happier space today…
Yes, now I don’t have to think what will happen when I reach home. I am so happy that I don’t want to go back or discuss Raja anymore. I think I have forgiven him for what all he did and I want him to have his own life but the way things are going I feel even after divorce he will keep harassing me.

What difference do you notice on TV since your Kasautii Zindagii Kay days?
It used to be very hectic during the Kasautii… days as scenes were shot cut to cut, even now it is cut to cut but due to the Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) rules and strike some time back life has got a bit sorted. Now, when the shift gets extended CINTAA guys come in…9am to 9pm is a very comfortable time for all of us. Working hours have reduced and we don’t shoot all 30 days a month.

What about your Bollywood dream?
If I get something good, I will do it. I get offers, but I don’t know why suddenly after that show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, I was being offered all raunchy roles. Raunchy is still fine but when it goes out of hand, it’s a no no. Thank god I left that TV show within a week.

Raja on the alimony allegation
The two flats belong to both of us and I am just asking for my right. I am not demanding any alimony from Shweta. She is just trying to degrade me.

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