A New Talent Hunt in UTV Star’s The Chosen One

Have you ever imagined what it must feel like to be the intimate insider of Bollywood? To hob-knob with the who’s who of the inner circle (of Bollywood) and get Up, Close and Personal with them? It would indeed be the chance of a lifetime, wouldn’t it? Well, that is precisely what UTV STARS is about to do, give 1 lucky girl the coveted title of ‘The Chosen One’!

The Chosen One is a show wherein 1 girl will be crowned the winner amongst 10 others to be the ‘Face’ of UTV STARS – The official channel of Bollywood! A title that will result in a year long association with the channel and thereby the dream world of Bollywood itself!

The 10 contestants of the Show will be chosen via on – ground auditions to be held in 5 different cities across India. The Auditions in Mumbai were held on 29th April 2012 and was graced by the presence of Rana Daggubati and Neha Dhupia. Both of them made a grand entry to the audition venue and played an integral part in judging the audition of several contestants. The audition witnessed a great turn out of young girls from the city. Can a Chandigarh girl be ‘The Chosen One’ and the Face of UTV STARS? Well, that is something only time will tell!

‘The Chosen One’ is an official hunt for the Face of the Channel i.e. UTV STARS. 10 girls will compete with each other to win the coveted title of ‘The Chosen One’! Once chosen and on the Show, the girls will be put through several tasks to test their mettle. For example:

After an all-night party, it’s announced that the girls have a 5am interview with a Film Star! In the morning they realize, there is no Film Star but an international make-up artist who is actually there to judge how they look! Who has covered their tired eyes with make-up best?

o An ace fashion designer’s Show wherein the girls get the opportunity to walk the ramp and are judged by the Fashion Designer himself/herself

o Shoot a promo with an ad film director – with some really unique creative. The girls will have to sell themselves as the anchors of a show and convince people to watch their show. They will be given props and asked position themselves as the most desirable anchor on UTV Stars. Props could vary from apple, knife, bathtub, couch, drapes etc.

Each of the tasks will be designed and judged by renowned directors, fashion designers, make – up artists. Each episode will feature one film star and one behind the scene Star to put the contestants through a series of tasks.

After having proved her prowess in every task that she’s put through, in the end, one girl will emerge as the winner. ‘The Chosen One’ will be chosen by the film industry since she will be part of their family and fraternity.

The Show will mark the beginning of a promising career in the Bollywood space for the winner and runners up alike. It will serve as an excellent platform for them to exhibit their talents and hone their skills for a bright future in the industry!

The Show ‘The Chosen One’ will go on air from today the 12th May 2012 on UTV STARS!

Watch Online: First Episode [Click Here]

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