Wedding woes for Veena Malik

The decision taken by the U. S Based Turner Broadcasting System INC, a Time Warner company, to shut its Hindi general entertainment channel Imagine TV in the subcontinent came as shock to most on Thursday.

In fact Mumbai Mirror has learnt from sources in the company that not all employees were aware of it till yesterday afternoon when the news was broke to them. Apart from the disgruntled viewers and distraught employees, the channel has also put Veena Malik’s marriage plans in jeopardy.

The Pakistani firebrand who took over Indian reality television with her outrageous ways and high heels, had decided to get married on TV following the ancient Indian custom of Swayamvar on a show titled the same. Once, the lady let her wishes be known, the production house got as many as 71,000 willing grooms as well. And after a few monetary issues, her wedding plans had been announced publicly amidst a lot of fanfare.

But now, with the channel’s decision to shut shop, the muchpublicised wedding plans have been nipped. A source close to the show told Mirror, “The production house that handles the show is in a mess. The shoot had been planned in a foreign location. Initially, the makers had to go through a lot of problems post Veena’s disappearing act and consequent nude cover shoot for a magazine. Sinc this went completely against the image of an Indian bride, the channel did not take it too lightly. The promos had been taken off air since the channel was reconsidering the inclusion of Veena in the show. But these rumours died down and the channel clarified later that Veena was indeed the face of the show.”

However, now again Veena’s wedding has landed in trouble. Interestingly, on the show meant to join two people in holy matrimony, has seldom been successful. In the past, Rakhi Sawant after choosing a groom, refused to marry the man. However, the second celebrity face, Rahul Mahajan was luckier. He tied the knot with Dimpy, the winner of the show and despite a rocky patch, is still married to her.

When contacted, Veena sounded disappointed. “Neither the channel nor the production house has communicated anything to me about the future of the show. The call will be taken by them later,” the spokesperson toldMirror.

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