DID Lil Masters get its first pair of kid Belly Dancers

Popping, Locking or Krumping; Rumba, Samba or Cha Cha Cha, “Dance India Dance” has always given viewers new and varied dance forms to look forward to.

The upcoming season of “DID L’il Masters”, too is no different as kids of all ages take on dance styles that will put even the older lot to shame. The judges of DID L’il Masters were blown away as for the first time on the show, two l’il belly dancers shimmied their way into the auditions at Delhi and Mumbai!

Lil Ishika from Mumbai and Kavya from Delhi were absolutely stunning as they had the judges eating out of their hands with their every move. The girls were way ahead of their time and simply unbelievable for their age. Resplendent in Middle Eastern finery, they showed off their fine sense of rhythm and movement, nailing down every nuance of the popular dance form.

“Watching these girls dance was truly a joy! Their every movement was spot on, exuding grace with each beat. Nothing remotely vulgar or crude. They retained the innocence of children in their belly dance, without compromising on the basic form of belly dancing. The kind of talent that we have seen during the auditions is truly mindblowing. I think viewers should brace themselves for some truly spectacular dancing this season,” said Master Geeta Kapur, talking about the two spectacular dancers.

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