Are Sonarika and Ankit new love birds?

Their sizzling hot 10-minute-long consummation scene in Tum Dena Saath Mera had people’s tongues wagging. One couldn’t stop wondering whether the comfort on camera reflected the camaraderie Sonarika Bhadoria and Ankit Narang share off screen.

Reel life proximity more than often makes the transition to real life in our telly world and this lead pair has affirmed the maxim.

A little birdie from the sets chirps, “Sonarika and Ankit were struck by cupid from the early days of shoot and have been inseparable since then. However, the duo has been quiet about their relationship since both are very young and fear that their families might not agree to it. They arrive and leave the sets together and spend all their time in between shots together. In fact, Sonarika doesn’t like any other actress speaking to Ankit. This insecurity surfaced when actress Priya Wal had recently entered the show and Sonarika was not pleased with having another woman around Ankit.”

While the actor remained unavailable for comment, Sonarika rubbished the news.

Looks like it hardly takes reel life love stories to make way into real life too.

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