TV is getting bolder and sexier

Makers do not mind dishing out sizzling hot moments live from the bedroom. Neha Maheshwri Bhagat explores…

Today TV producers and broadcasters are pushing the envelope by getting bolder and a drastic transformation is clearly visible in the content. And the one thing that they have been particular about is the consummation scene.

Initiation It started with the most iconic soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi seven years ago, where Ansh Gujral ( Akashdeep Saigal) was seen raping Nandini (Gauri Pradhan). NCW (National Commission for Women) at the time slapped a notice on the production house for airing this sequence. But now bold scenes have become the order of the day.

Most recent Couple of weeks ago, a consummation scene of over 10 minutes aired in Tum Dena Saath Mera. The scenes were bold enough to titillate the minds of the viewers with the hero indulging in foreplay by removing the girl’s jewellery and then pulling down the sleeve of her blouse, making the viewers’ imagination run wild. Then followed a rather eye-popping intimate sequence in Sony TV’s Bade Achhe Laggte Hain. Viewers saw the first ever lip lock of Indian television between Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar following some open-the-strap-of–the-blouse and feel-my-back moments that had the audience gasping for breath. We now hear that top show Diya Aur Baati Hum may also follow suit getting the couple to finally consummate thus dishing out steamy fare.

Old school VS new approach Where earlier a consummation scene was synonymous with morning sickness, the scene today is cinematic in approach, elaborate and a peek-a-boo inside the bedrooms. Producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary says, “TV has become bold and audiences have matured too. No one forces anyone to watch a particular program against his/her choice. But unnecessary consummation scenes for the heck of it can be avoided because one is catering to the family audience. But then why point fingers at the TV content, don’t films show it all?”

Viewers’ choice Producer Yash Patnaik of Rang Badalti Odhani that aired a bold honeymoon scene of the lead pair, says, “Like cinema, TV is evolving too. Gone are those days when we used to show butterflies, fans, flowers and bed sheets. Audience wants their characters to enact real emotions. In fact, most of the time there is a demand from the fans and audiences to incorporate such a scene.” The producer also admits that such scenes bring back the audience, if not adding new audience to the show.

Actors speak Are actors comfortable enacting the part or are they embarrassed to make love in front of the camera and crew? Aren’t Indians bred to keep their bedroom secrets under the sheets?

Sonarika Bhadoria aka Abhilasha of Tum Dena Saath Mera says, “It completely depends on the rapport you have with your co-actor. Ankit and I are great friends and he made me comfortable during the scene. When I entered the industry, I had decided that I will never shy away from doing what the script demands.” Interestingly, her mother was around all the time when the scene was shot. “My mother was fine but my father objected to it. I don’t know if the sequence was inevitable since I am not fit to comment on it. I just did what my director asked me to,” she states. Sonarika admits that she had developed cold feet while shooting the consummation scene.

Pooja Gor aka Pratigya, whose show registered great ratings once the story line neared the consummation with her on-screen husband, says, “After confessing love, it’s only natural for a couple to consummate. Doesn’t it happen in real life too? However, one needs to keep in mind the restrictions of this medium.” Justifying the rise in TRPs of her show during the consummation scene, the actress says, “TRPs are beyond my understanding. I am against the alteration of the story line to fetch great numbers. I appreciate the cinematic approach that we have resorted to today while filming a daily soap.”

Finally, looks like television has come of age.

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