Ravindra Gautam wants to open an acting academy in Bhopal

He is often referred to as Ekta Kapoor’s blue-eyed boy. Director and producer Ravindra Gautam was recently in Hoshangabad to be part of an acting workshop organized by the Madhav-Jyoti Foundations.

Ravindra revealed his plans to open an acting academy in Bhopal. He is known to give a serial the ‘lift’ required to raise its TRPs and is currently directing ” Kya Hua Tera Vaada”. Basically from Lucknow, Ravindra says he has visited Bhopal more number of times than he has visited his hometown in five years. “I have been associated with the Madhav-Jyoti Foundations since long and keep coming to Hoshangabad to conduct workshops for small town actors. My main motive behind this is to give a direction to the youth of this state. They should know their job well before they pack their bags and board a train to Mumbai to act in films and TV,” Ravindra says.

Ravindra’s “Armaanon Ka Balidaan” had many character artistes from Bhopal and its neighbouring cities. Says he, “My serial, which is not on air any more, had a lot of character artistes from MP, particularly Hoshangabad. These young actors are very talented and I had built a rapport with them when I conducted acting workshops in Hoshangabad. I offered many of them roles in my serial.” So do we expect to see more actors from this state in his other serials too? “Definitely,” he quips, adding, “I prefer to give opportunities to the small town youngsters. They are full of energy and are also very talented. Most importantly, they don’t come with the baggage of being a superstar of sorts.”

Ravindra also has plans to open an acting academy in Bhopal for the youth of MP. “I want to give a platform to the talented and skilled youngsters of MP. Bhopal aur Indore toh bade sheher hain. But there are other places like Hoshangabad, Satna, Rewa, Itarsi and Jabalpur where people are very talented. I want to give a direction to their dreams. I have been thinking of opening an acting academy in Bhopal so that people from all over the state can come and take classes. I want to groom and train them,” says Ravindra, who is currently directing “Kya Hua Tera Vaada”.

Ravindra says he is glad Bhopal and Indore are gradually becoming a favourite for serial directors and producers. “Bhopal is so beautiful, it effortlessly lights up the screen. I think this city provides the best setting for TV shows. Bhopal has a character which is very endearing, Ravindra says, adding, “I want to make MP a hub for television serials. Like Baroda is a hub for mythological shows and most of such shows are totally shot from that city, I want MP to be a hub for family dramas. This will also provide opportunity for the local actors here.”

Coming back to his serials, his “Kya Hua Tera Vaada” deals with the topic of extra-marital affairs and recently aired a bold scene where actress Mauli Ganguly is shown seducing a much-married Pawan Shankar in the show. There was also Indian television’s first kiss shown recently between actors Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar in “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain” that was initially directed by Ravindra. So are serial makers pushing the envelope as far as bold scenes are concerned? “Everything depends on the viewers. I won’t say that TV audiences have finally grown up, but they are definitely growing. My show “Kya Hua…” deals with a bold topic itself, so I’ll have to deal with the scenes accordingly. Even in films, kissing scenes are taken very normally. People watched Shahid and Kareena kiss in a family movie like “Jab We Met”. In television also, the viewers now don’t react that strongly to a bold scene the way they would have done five years ago. Everything is evolving, so is the taste of viewers.”

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