Don’t want to talk about Vidyut: Mona Singh

Her onscreen avatar Jassi made her a household name. After a hiatus from daily soaps, actor Mona Singh is back with an equally emphatic spell.

This pretty Punjabi kudi was in town to promote her current show Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada. And the first thing she wanted to do was to indulge in, “Gujarati thali. I’m a big foodie and Gujarati food is my favourite.”

Prod her on how it feels to be back in soaps after such a long time and she says, “Acting is something I love doing the most. Playing mom to three kids in a show is a experience. I got many offers post Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi, however, I was skeptical about taking up anything that came my way because I wanted my next role to be equally commendable. I couldn’t have compromised with my work.”

So how does it feel to play mom? Mona says (with a smile), “I try to remember my childhood days and try to visualize how my mother looked or behaved then. This helps me prepare for the role and also on how to look after one’s kids in future!” (Laughs)

Mona has been part of numerous reality shows, both as a participant as well as an anchor. Quiz her whether she had had enough of those and she says, “I was tagged as a reality queen. I’ve done so many singing and dancing reality shows that I can’t even count those on my finger tips. It’s been a good experience as a performer in reality shows shows. It takes you beyond your acting skills and I loved taking them up.”

Quiz Mona on what next and she says, “I want to try out everything possible as we get just one life to live our dreams. I might start a restaurant or produce a daily soap. I think I might make a good director. A few years down the line I might even direct a daily soap or a film or a documentary.” Mona, who starred in 3 Idiots, says? “I’ve a film with Vinay Pathak tentatively titled Lakshman Rekha, his name’s Lakshman and mine is Rekha. It was a great experience working with such an immensely talented actor like Vinay. I learnt a lot from him. As an actor, it is important to keep learning.”

Despite being a foodie, Mona manages to look svelte. “It is important to look fit. All of us want to look good. I eat healthy, small meals and workout for 45 minutes daily. I give myself a day off when I splurge on my favourite desserts, as I’ve a sweet tooth. Today’s my day off the diet since I am in Ahmedabad,” Mona says cheerfully.

Her relationships have always been talked about. Recently, newbie actor Vidyut Jamwal went on record to say that he is in “love with Mona” and is in a relationship with her. What’s her take? Mona clams up and she’s tightlipped, coming out with a diplomatic “I don’t wish to talk about him (Vidyut). I fiercely guard my personal life and inspite of my best efforts, there are reports about my love life on TV/magazines which I can do without.” Any plans to get married? “I don’t plan anything in life. Whenever it happens, the world will know!”

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