Virendra Saxena a.k. Chakachak Sir

Television actor Virendra Saxena who is currently playing the role of Vidyapati Raj in Zee TV’s ‘Afsar Bitiya’ is also known by the name Chakachak Sir on the sets of the show. Wondering that how does this name relate to him?

The actor is very particular about the clean and hygienic environment on the sets of the show. Virendra believes that cleanliness is next to godliness and he loves to see everything in a clean manner and in an organized way. Even on the sets of the show, he has been seen picking up a pipe to water the plants there. It is the complete effort made by Virendra that the garden on the sets has been well maintained and is kept clean.

Another actor of the show, Kinshuk Mahajan said that he really appreciates Virendra’s efforts. Virendra mentioned that the workplace is like a place of worship for him so he considers it his responsibility to keep it clean and tidy.

Virendra added that he loves gardening and was excited to see a garden on the sets of their show.

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