TV Review: Big Switch 3

The wrong move

Sundays, 7.00 pm, UTV Bindass

Judge : Rohit Shetty

Rating :**

Nothing works for the show except Rohit Shetty who cracks the whip and teaches the kids the importance of every ‘kaudi’ as he puts it

A father looks into the camera and says, ‘I want my daughter to know the value of money. She spent `50,000 one day on shopping and when I asked her about it, she said she couldn’t shop more because she had exceeded the credit limit!’ There is another who says, ‘My wife has spoilt our son. He gets up only in evenings. I want him to value time.’

The kids these parents are talking about are super-rich brats who thrive on their daddy ka paisa. So the third season of Big Switch has taken upon itself to teach these kids the value of money and life’s important lessons. Rohit ‘Golmaal’ Shetty, who one of the contestants described as ‘The Hulk’, is their tormentor. The task: the kids are put up in a penthouse for 20 days. Shetty has confiscated their phones, laptops, cigarettes and everything they can’t do without. They have to perform a task — which could range from selling vada pavs or running any errand to earn their salary — every day. With the money they earn from Shetty, they can buy things they need.

The background: each of these contestants has demanded various things — a world tour, an expensive SUV, a sports bike, admissions in foreign universities etc — from their parents who in turn have decided to fulfill these wishes only after they have learnt a few harsh realities of life.

The first two seasons of Big Switch saw slum children swapping places with rich kids and exchanging families respectively. If you have seen the earlier seasons or other shows involving the youth then you would know these shows work. Four-letter words will fly thick and fast as young things strut around trying to be cool wearing their attitude on their tattoos. For more masala, you have an effeminate contestant with a weird hairdo shaking his backside vigorously for the sake of the camera! The girls have already begun their catfights while the boys have tried to be arrogant. You know how these kids will be ultimately tamed into submission after some high-voltage scripted drama. So then what works for the show? Nothing really except if you are a Rohit Shetty fan and want to watch the macho director crack the whip and teach them the importance of every ‘kaudi’ as he puts it.

Verdict: Watch it if you think the show will teach life’s lessons.

By: Kshama Rao

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