Tuntun Singh Lands Vidyapati In Jail

Krishna from ‘Afsar Bitiya’, ZEE TV is sure to face tough times again! The happiness of her clearing the BDO main exam and preparing for the upcoming interview with the help of Babloo Singh, her teacher is short-lived.

In next few episodes you will learn that Tuntun Singh (Shahbaz Khan), a rich man who has hatred for Krishna and her family is all set to vent out his anger. He crafts a plan to trap Krishna and Vidyapati and ask them to deliver sweet box to Deputy Collector in order to please him, both are unaware that there is money in the box. Both father and daughter are trapped in bribery case and Vidyapati lands in Jail.

To see how Krishna fights all the odds to prove her father innocent, keep watching ‘Afsar Bitiya’ only on Zee TV.

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