Rajesh Khera Is Enjoying His Life

Rajesh Khera is being loved by the audience in Survivor. Back home now, the actor will star in an adaptation of Midnight’s Children, a book by Salman Rushdie. The movie will be directed by Deepa Mehta.

Rajesh says that he doesn’t want to play the mundane father roles on TV. The actor was last seen as Maddy, a feminine fashion designer on Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. He says that since he can play characters that are half his age or twice as old as he really is, there won’t be any shortage of roles for him.

He says that he may do a role that eventually progresses to fatherhood, but won’t like a role which starts from that point.

Talking about his stint on Survivor, Rajesh says that he had to face brutal hunger in the show. He remembers that he faced actual starvation in the show, something which he had never faced in his normal life. He hated his appearance in the show. Due to massive weight loss, Rajesh says that he looked anemic and at a lot as soon as he came back.

Being an actor, Rajesh feels that it was a privilege to star in such a show. Being an adventure addict, Rajesh loves wilderness.

Looking forward to his role in Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children, Rajesh says that he hopes to make his way into Hollywood through this movie.

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