Mona’s BBM Becomes a Menace for Co-Stars and Crew Members

It is normal for stars to be obsessed with one thing or the other, but when the obsession crosses the border line the co-stars are left bugged! Similar situations arise on the sets of Sony TV’s new born baby: ‘Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada’, where the crew members were hounded by Mona Singh.

If you are wondering what exactly the matter is, then read below! Amidst the shoot Mona Singh happened to receive a link to upgrade the BB messenger and in excitement she followed the link. Like many girls, Mona too is bad with techno things and gadgets and could not get the hang of it! She went around, hounded the co-stars and crew members asking for assistance to complete the not-so-difficult task.

Please Mona, don’t let your obsession come in the way if this cute romantic serial (Can say this as of now)!

I hope this news reaches her, or if anyone has Mona on their BB list, please send her a BB message!

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