Mallika Tries to Dig Distance Between Ashutosh and Nidhi

Mallika invites Ashutosh and Nidhi on a dinner to her house. She tries her best to make Nidhi feel like a third wheel in their group. She discusses her friendship with Ashutosh and tries to show how much she knows him. Nidhi tries her best to be polite to her, yet gives her appropriate replies. Nidhi sees Ashutosh’s photographs in Mallika’s room. When she asks her about them, Mallika says that one can have her friends’ photographs in their room. To this, she says that it is a wonder that Mallika has only one friend in the world.

As they are about to leave, Mallika gives a very special gift to Ashutosh, which makes him very happy. Nidhi feels a little uncomfortable with this.

In the next episode, Nidhi tells Ashutosh that she is tired of Mallika’s constant reminders that she knows Ashutosh for twelve years. Ashutosh says that he assures her that nothing can ever come between them. This makes Nidhi very happy.

To watch the interesting love story of the lovely couple, keep watching the show.

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