Tv Review: Ring Ka King

Leave this ring alone

Saturday- Sunday, 8.00 pm, Colors

Rating: *

Though the bloodcurdling wrestling bouts on WWE are as ‘fake’ as they come, there is still a ‘real’ air about them, while here, the participantsindulge more in tomfoolery and making bombastic statements

A couple of years ago, Colors had brought an international wrestling show to Indian drawing rooms called 100 % De Dana Dan. This time around, the channel has brought Ring Ka King featuring international and Indian wrestlers fighting for the gold wrestling belt. My 13-year-old who watches WWE and has tried many a ‘choke slam’ and different kinds of deadly ‘locks’ (which is nothing but locking your opponent’s head or neck by the sheer strength of your tattooed oily, sweaty arms while the former writhes to set himself free) on moi, took one look at the names featuring in the show and said, ‘Oh they all are from that flop show called TNA Ke Sikander.’

While I am not completely sure about the truth of this nugget of information, I can surely vouch having watched the first two episodes of Ring Ka King that my son couldn’t have been more right. The show is anything but deadly. Most of the participants who go by fancy names like Maxx B, Dr Nicholas Dinsmore, Matt Morgan, Sir Brutus Magnus, Chavo Guerrero, Mahabali Veera, Sonjoy Dutt (yes, you read that right…though this namesake is not a patch on the original deadly ‘Kancha’ Dutt) indulge more in gimmicks and hyperbole than hardcore action.

Though the bloodcurdling wrestling bouts on WWE are as ‘fake’ as they come, there is still a ‘real’ air about them, while here, the participants indulge more in tomfoolery and making bombastic statements. It’s also a free for all with random entries by women wrestlers, two brothers who go by the name of Sheik and speak in an incoherent language and Mumbai Cats or some such. There is a commissioner too, Jazzy Lahoria but trust me, there is nothing jazzy about this guy who looks more like a B-grade sidekick of a Bollywood villain. He is the man supposed to be setting the rules for the wrestling matches but every participant conveniently bends and breaks them much to the amusement of the paid studio crowd that cheers and carries funny placards reading ‘Hire me’.

Last but not the least, there is turbanator Harbhajan Singh who tries hard to bring some Punjabi tadka to the show but is extremely camera conscious.

The show is neither engaging nor funny. Worse, it comes on a weekend slot. Time to use the remote control!

Verdict: Watch it if you must.

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