Was it Really a Premonition on Rubina’s death?

For the entire television industry, the loss of talented actor Rubina Shergill is a huge loss indeed. Rubina, who played the role of ‘Simran’, a police inspector in Zee TV’s ‘Mrs Kaushik Ki Panch Bahuyein’ was admitted after a severe asthma attack on December 23 last year. After battling with a brain hemorrhage, she finally said last goodbye on January 12 this year.

However, there is another thing related to her death that has surprised many. That is her premonition. According to Rubina’s Facebook update dated August 4 last year, she had mentioned death clearly. Her status was (sic) “If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character……. would u slow down? or speed up?”
And she went on, “i guess…..well i would not change my speed one bit….i am loving what i am playing….”

We may call it whatever we feel like but truth is that death has snatched Rubina from us and has left a void difficult to fill.

Two lines from Shakespeare would describe it “here boasted the death, with me lies lass unparalleled’

May her soul rest in peace.

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