Reality Show Betting Grips Indian Youth

Reality shows are the new betting grounds after cricket. Yes, youngsters are now betting heavily on the reality shows. Various aspects like wild card entries, voting, evictions etc are betted upon

A youngster reveled betting on the grand finale of ‘Big Boss’ and winning a huge amount. This thing first started in the West and now has gripped Indian youth. Most of the young people are doing it for extra pocket money. The betting fever has gripped school students as well. High school students are betting heavily on various reality shows and some are even earning quite well. Sometimes, parents too get involved in betting along with the kids.

This trend has been acknowledged by channels too. Actor Dolly Bindra says she is well aware that huge money was betted in speculation of her entry in Big Boss. Raghu Ram of Roadies says that since TV is flooded with reality shows, betting is a good option for youngsters.

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