Contestants fight a mental battle on Survivor India

Survivor India started with a bang on Star Plus and is set to make for a great journey. The show is filmed on two inhabited islands in Philippines. Two teams are made to survive in the wilderness without shelter, food or any other comforts of our normal life.

The show makes us realize how much we take the important things in life, for granted? Simple things like fire, shelter and salt and pepper can make our life a hell with their absence. Thus, we must learn to be gracious and appreciate the smaller pleasures of life.

Most of the contestants on Survivor-India came to the show with high hopes and aspirations. However, their courage and determination is being tested every day and many of them seem to be cracking under the pressure.

The only goal of this show is to survive getting voted out. The contestants will have to stay 45 days on the island. Apart from the problems of living a life in wilderness, contestants are also forced to face tribal politics.
It will be really interesting to see who survives the Survival India.

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