Veena Mallik: Looking for a Good Look Husband With Pure Unconditional Love & Money

After the long hiatus, we finally have a daring beauty who has agreed to tie the knot in the presence of gazing eyes and rapid flashlights. The promos of Veena Ka Vivaah have hit the screens leaving the viewers keen to know who she will get married to.

On the outset of the launch of Imagine’s upcoming show Swayamwar Season 4 Veena Ka Vivaah, Veena Malik spoke about her dream man. She also shared issues and controversies related to her.


Veena, you have come all the way from Pakistan to India. Do you think people over there will be upset?
Even when I came in Bigg Boss the main intention was to spread love. Even when I got nominated eight to nine times in the house, people of India wanted me to stay back and they voted for me. I always used to get a pleasant surprise whenever I get secured. Tears used to accumulate in my eyes thinking why are the people doing this for me when they don’t know me. Frankly speaking, there have been other actresses who had come from Pakistan, but they never got such a reception that I got after coming to India. So I would just say that until and unless I receive love from India, I would come here and I am honoured to know that India loves me.

Did you ever dream to get married on national television?
Not at all until the show came to me. I have never been lucky with relationships. Recently, I was engaged to a guy that my parents had chosen and he asked me to shift to America for good. I made it clear that I like to live my life on my terms. I don’t like to put people on hold regarding any relation. When I was offered Swayamvar I consulted my parents and you won’t believe, they were, more excited than me. My father asked me to give one more chance as I might find my Mr. Right. It is amazing that the whole nation would know that I am going to choose someone and he has to be good to me or else the nation would come to know.

But do you think the participants would show their true colours in the show?
Even I had that apprehension and that was the reason that it took six months for me to sign this show. And I know that it is doubtful whether the boys would show their true self to us. But I am sure that the tasks given by Imagine would be of some help. Even if I miss something, I am sure the cameras wont. I think nothing could be more perfect than this platform.

What are the qualities that you are looking forward to in a husband?
Like any other girl, pure and unconditional love comes first for me either. And second is money because if I say money is not important, then I will be lying and then comes good looks. There are several other things that I am looking for, but these come first. Also he should smell good.

Do you have any strategy in your mind wherein you plan to get engaged or get married?
If I get that Mr. Perfect then, I will not let that guy off from me and I will get married.

There have been a lot talks about Ashmit Patel and your relationship and one of the contestants from the show also claimed that you both were more than just friends. What would you like to say?
I won’t lie, we liked each other and we got stuck there and today we are good friends wherein I share my work related issues with him. We are really good friends now.

What are your personal views on the concept of getting married on television?
I cannot speak on behalf of normal girls. But in my case I am a celebrity and whatever happens in my life becomes a public affair. And I think that it is safe to get married on such a platform because you get to know some genuine people. And the people who fake, slowly will get eliminated from the show. We indeed have a lot of fans and followers who try to reach us desperately, but we do not know what the intentions are. Hence for me I think this is a good platform.

There were reports that you do not have a proper work permit to come to India and work…
First of all, there were some misunderstandings. It is impossible for a person like me who is in the limelight not to have the proper papers with me. I have all the documents with me and all the issues related to the media organizations have been cleared.

Are you apprehensive about the reception in Pakistan after doing such a show?
Frankly speaking, the people in Pakistan love Bollywood and there is no such Indian movie that we do not watch. We love Indian culture also so much that we wear Sarees nowadays for functions rather than Salwar Kameez. It is an honour for a Pakistani to do such a show. It is only a section of people who had issues in the past. But once when I went there are cleared out the issues everything was fine.

What about your movies?
I have so far completed four movies. Onee is Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, then Dal Mein Kuch Kaala Hain, Zindagi 50-50 and finally there is Mumbai 125 KMs which is a 3D horror thriller. The films are in the post production stage and there are two more films for which I am shooting.

Out of the three seasons, only Rahul Mahajan got married in the show. What about you?
I am doing this show with the intention to get married and if I come across the right person, I will surely get married. I would not like to comment on the other contestants. Of course there might be some situations wherein you want to get married to a person, but never happened. But that does not mean that the feelings were not genuine. It would have happened that the situation is not right. My intentions are clear to get married, but that also depends on the contestants.

You were posed nude for a magazine cover and you were dragged into another controversy. Doesn’t it bother you?
First of all I would like to make it clear that I never posed nude for a photo and whatever has happened, I have asked my manager to look into it. Today is a big day for me and I do not want to get stressed because of that. My legal adviser and my manager are working on the issue to take legal action against it.

Doesn’t that bother you as an individual?
No matter what efforts I put, I can never please the whole world. I have always stood for the right things in my life. I did everything asking my inner mind and whatever I have done so far has been with keeping in mind the rules and regulations. Whether people like it or not, that hardly matters to me.

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