Veena Malik ka Swayamvar stuck in controversies

Plans for the fourth season of Swayamvar are underway, but controversies still surround the show. Makes us wonder if the show is actually jinxed for its female stars, with all of them yet to tie the knot

So after Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Ratan Rajpoot, it’s the turn of Veena Malik to be a part of Imagine TV’s Swayamvar series. Wedding or not, one thing the show guarantees is a good amount of publicity for everyone associated with it. So how could drama queen Rakhi not be a part of the action? Giving her verdict on the new bride, though no one bothered to ask her for one, Ms Sawant said that Veena is not the right choice for the show and won’t work with the masses since she is a Pakistani. Well, Ratan is an Indian and she didn’t work all that well, either. Anyway, another buzz doing the rounds of tellytown is that the makers of the show have reworked their contract with Veena. They have apparently added a particular clause that states that if Veena weds one of the aspirant grooms, she will get an extra Rs. 1.5 crore on top of her Rs. 3 crore fee. That’s a whopper!

The show claims that the stars will meet their soulmates, but that is yet to happen for the female actors. While Rahul, the only male celebrity to be a part of the show, happily wed his chosen bride Dimpy Singh at the end of the show, Rakhi’s wedding plan went kaput and Ratan has kept mum on the topic. But hey, when you are paid a hefty amount even for getting disappointed, who cares, right? It was also rumoured that Rahul very successfully lived up to the label of a wife-beater by thrashing Dimpy. Since then he has been trying to convince people and shout from the roof tops (err we meant random reality shows), that he is a changed man and he loves his wife. Well, we also hear that Veena will have Ashmit Patel, her co-contestant from Bigg Boss, by her side to help her choose her beau/ husband. Well, as yet another tale of a girl searching her knight in shining armour unfolds pretty soon, we are sure Ms Malik out there is all set with glycerin in her eyes and phony emotions, to deceive us of course!

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