Mahek Chahal to re-enter Bigg Boss house as wild card entry

Mahek Chahal who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house two weeks back is set to re-enter the Bigg Boss house as wild card entry. But before entering the house Mahek cleared all the rumors of Salman Khan backing her to win Bigg Boss.

Speaking to the media before entering the house, Mahek said that it would be totally unfair to say that she was selected to be back in the house on Salman Khan’s backing. She added that she got the backing of her supporters who voted for her to be back on the show.

And now that she is in the house Mahek wants to get even with Sky who along with Pooja Bedi plotted against her to throw her out of the house. She intends to show the viewers the real face of Sky. Mahek stated that when she was evicted from the house, she watched each and every episode of Bigg Boss 5 and was surprised and shocked to see the real faces of the housemates. Now she plans to teach her back stabbers a big lesson.

Mahek’s entry will be shown on Monday during the nomination episode. Dressed in the Santa Claus costume, Mahek’s entry will surprise her friends and shock her foes alike in the house.

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