Gauri & Jagya to face lot of troubles onwards

Lot of twists and turns are taking place in Colors’ popular show ‘Balika Vadhu’. In the previous track it was shown that Shivani (Nivedita Bhattacharya) comes to know the truth that Jagat (Shashank Vyas) is actually the first husband of Anandi (Pratyusha Bannerjee). After knowing the truth Shivani confronts Jagya, however Jagya talks to her rudely. This leads to fallout between Gauri (Anjum Farooki) and Jagya since Gauri considers Shivani as her best friend.

Jagya and Gauri have a heated argument at home where Gauri bad mouths Anandi for creating bad image of hers in front of Shivani. However Jagya doesn’t agree with it and defends Anandi. Overhearing the fight going on between Jagya and Gauri, their landlady Kunda Tai realizes that Gauri is actually Jagya’s second wife. After knowing the truth Kunda Tai throws Jagya and Gauri out of her house.

However this is just the start of the problems of the couple. In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that Gauri’s uncle will also come to know about Jagya and Gauri’s truth and he will also sever all the ties with them. Though Jagat and Gauri will get another house to stay, the whole incident will leave a mark on Gauri’s mind. As the story will move forward Gauri and Jagya will face lot of troubles in the coming episodes.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Balika Vadhu every Mon-Fri only on Colors.

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